Game Artistory Exhibition curated by gameart2

1188 views rating: ++++- 3 comments 1 room Permanent exhibition
  • 22 artifacts on display [view all]
    Gainsborough Duck HuntDeus ex – DurerKung Fu Fountain
    Ghosts’n and Goblins C.D.Friedrich styleBath Rider after WesselmanKiefer Doom 2
    Welcome to the exhibition Game Artistory.curated and created by Mathias Jansson. ( an alternative Universe where human kind created her first videogame at the same time she started to make cave paintings. In a world where videogames are considered Fine Art and videogame makers the Master of Arts. In a time when you can find iconology, symbols and themes from videogame in every higher art form. Welcome to a new world where the art museums shows exhibitions with Game Artisory!

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  • mvcds
    mvcds (1760 days ago)
    I am touched by the eloquence of your work. It speaks to me in ways which I had not concieved possible
  • cornelius
    cornelius (2728 days ago)
    I laughed my guts out when I saw "Counter Goya".
  • athanitd
    athanitd (2728 days ago)
    Fantastic work my friend!!!